My love of hair began at an early age when my sister became the first licensed cosmetologist in the family. I remember those Saturdays I spent all day with her in the salon while patiently waiting for my weekly slay for school. I was able to see her transform women and restore confidence in her clients. Hair care was always her priority and she took great pride in it.

To be honest, if you would have told me I would be the next cosmetologist in the family, I would have laughed. I always thought my path was to be a high school history teacher and a business owner of some sort. Weird, right? Well I never became a history teacher, I’ve owned multiple businesses and I had a fulfilling career in the airline industry.

In 2016, newly married and faced with relocating to another city and not being able to transfer my position sparked my interest in hair again. I knew I wanted to do something that allowed me to create. If I didn’t know anything else about myself, I know I was placed on this earth to create. I started my journey with Paul Mitchell and became a licensed cosmetologist in 2017.

As a licensed master cosmetologist, specializing in hair care, I was constantly confronted with clients who wanted better products for their natural hair. I spent three years learning how to properly formulate products and studying herbal benefits in hair care before launching my line.

Toya Rey Hair Care was created from my passion and dedication for healthy hair and helping individuals discover the beauty in their hair but also understanding that hair care was a major part of self care and complete self care required feeling good from head to toe.

This developed a true passion for creating products and I thought to myself, I can really be the next Dove but better. Fast forward to November 2021, Toya Rey Hair Care launched botanical infused skin care products.

I want women to become their own hair goals and have the total package to feel good all over.

My mission has always been to restore confidence in women. To give women more than just their perfect hair day. They deserve only the very best! Hair is the one accessory you can't leave home without. Having beautiful, healthy hair brings out your confidence and complements your style. Even with our hectic lives, we still all have that innate desire to look fabulous. That's why it's important to me to provide you with the highest quality of hair and skin care products.


Here at Toya Rey Hair Care, we are committed to producing products with ingredients from nature that will simplify your personal care routines, nourish your skin, and maintain your crown.

We believe in the power of hair, that it is a symbol of strength and confidence. We believe in the power of women. Our daily affirmation is to encourage women to Elevate Every Day.

Elevating your hair, your skin, and YOU. Now that's some goddess level ish!

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